We provide a range of therapies depending on your individual needs decided by you after consultation with a staff member. Multilase, iPulse, and Gernétic products can be used in different combinations. Superficial skin is gently exfoliated; nutritive components essential to the particular needs of your regenerating cells are provided.Cellular activity is enhanced by laser light and additional nutrition. iPulse stimulates areas deep within layers of the skin, to reduce age spots pigmentation, thread veins, diffuse redness, acne and fine wrinkles, leaving a fresher & more radiant complexion.


Do you suffer from tight, sore or inflamed muscles? Laser therapy reduces the pain by relieving problem areas and improving the underlying condition. Light energy penetrates the skin and energises tired and damaged cells. Oxygen produced by the cells releases trigger points and painful spasms, for natural pain relief.


iPulse® is state of the art technology in permanent hair reduction. Intense pulsed light is used to cauterise the cells that produce hair by heating the hair follicle. This relatively painless procedure works on all areas of your body, normally taking a total of 6-8 individual sessions.


Ulcer treatment works best in conjunction with laser therapy.
6 treatments over 4 weeks is required to improve circulation and epithelial migration, reduce risk of infection and increase the rate of healing, particularly with difficult-to-heal ulcers. The low energy level ensures no damage to the fragile tissues, only healing light is provided.


We provide a range of therapies for improvement. Ask us about a healthy skin maintenance program. Gernétic products, Multilase® and iPulse® can all be used effectively.
Superficial skin is gently exfoliated, essential nutritive components vital to the particular needs of your re-generating cells are provided. Cellular activity is enhanced by laser light and additional nutrition. iPulse® stimulates areas deep within layers of the skin to reducepigmentation, age spots, thread veins, diffuse redness, acne and fine wrinkles leaving a fresher and more radiant complexion. Try our Gernétic products specifically designed to treat inflammatory skin conditions. They work best in combination with laser therapy.


Ideal for chronic back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. This treatment is particularly effective for the small joints of hands, feet, and problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It will improve articular blood flow and cartilage trophicity, and allow greater freedom of movement. The body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, are stimulated to reduce discomfort, stiffness and pain.


Laser therapy can accelerate re-modelling of scar tissue and produce a more cosmetically acceptable final appearance. Remarkable results have been produced in both old and new
scars, in sunken and hypertrophic tissue, and in reducing contracture in burns.


We use the finest Gernétic skin care products. Originally created in 1978 to treat skin burns they combine high quality natural products with the concept of cellulotherapy, utilising marine and active fermented proteins to produce spectacular and lasting results. They are highly concentrated and highly effective products for beauty and wellbeing. Gernétic is the professional range that can deal with all beauty imperfections including acne, sun damage and ageing skin, and includes a range for body and bust beauty.


Limb swelling can result from primary Lymphoedema and from surgical removal of lymph glands. Sluggish metabolic drainage is improved by the combination of laser therapy with massage provided by a trained therapist. This addresses the symptoms of swelling and fibrosis, while improving the skin’s immunity. Cellulite is also associated with restricted metabolic drainage.
Laser increases circulation and oxygenation, and can slowly resolve cellulitic nodules, improving circulation, function and appearance.


Use up to 72 hours before a procedure to instigate and strengthen immune response. Promotes healing, relieves stress and post operative discomfort and oedema. It can also minimize scar tissue formation and improve survival rate of transplanted tissue.


Low level laser therapy improves the blood circulation and the removal of waste products to increase healing, and reduce discomfort. Earlier healing reduces the likelihood of infection and improves the resulting appearance. It shortens the recovery period for sensitive and irritated skin by rapidly decreasing the effects of oedema and erythema. By strengthening underlying skin it promotes elasticity and firmness.

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