About us

Laser, Podiatry & Skin Care is owned and operated by Cathy van der Linden, Cathy is a well known and respected practitioner, having worked in the Podiatry field for 18 years, the last 12 years in the Warradale/Seacombe Gardens areas.
Cathy started her working life as a nurse and continued in this role for 15 years. She has worked in the public hospital system, working at the Royal Adelaide hospital, firstly training and working as a nurse in 1974.

Along the way she became interested in many different areas of health but finally decided that Podiatry would be a good choice for a profession as it didn’t require the shift work which meant that she could spend more quality time with her children, nor the critical area of care, which can be stressful. This lead to training as a Podiatrist in 1991 and working again at the RAH again in 1994.

She has experienced working with vascular and diabetic high risk patients, nail surgeries, ulcerations, weight relieving shoe inserts and functional devices

Cathy’s interest in skin and painful joint conditions led to her training as a Low Level Laser therapist in 2005. Further to this education, Cathy trained with Gernétic, a French company, which provides essential nutrition in active micro form to skin conditions. Recovery is enhanced with Laser therapy treatments.

The Podiatry course included subjects such as Dermatology, Medicine, Physics, Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Radiolgy, Therapeutics and Chemistry.

.She was able to apply these areas of learning to the Laser therapy she used initially for treatment of pain, when she attended training in Melbourne at the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy. Cathy has achieved 7 certificates in laser therapy and provides treatments for painful joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and skin conditions such as acne and rosacea, non healing ulcers, and body treatments for such conditions as stretch marks and lymphoedema.

Other areas included in training were for Scar remodeling ie laser Therapy to assist healing and scar repair, Pre and post operative Laser therapy to reduce pain and accelerate recovery,  Trigger point laser therapy for musculo skeletal and arthritic pain relief, Laser therapy for dermatological conditions, and bonus areas such as Laser Therapy to reduce smoking and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Cathy has certificates in all of these areas. Just check out the wall in her Beauty Therapy room.

Other areas included in training were Pulsed Light Rejuvenation and Laser therapy for Ageing and Sun Damaged skin, including dilated facial capillaries, and pigmentation. Another large area of interest for Cathy was discovering Gernétic Skin Products. Before and after treatment photographs were available for viewing during the training for Intense Pulsed Light equipment, demonstrating wonderful results with a treatment program which included an assessment of nutrition both taken orally (food and vitamin products) and through the skin (skin care products).

Intense Pulsed Light, (IPL) is another state of the art piece of equipment utilised at Laser, Podiatry & Skin Care.  The iPulse further rejuvenates the skin, softening fine lines, providing permanent hair reduction, removal of pigmentation and dilated facial vessels.

Training with the Gernétic company continued to develop her interest in skin care and nutrition. A fascination with the ingredients in skin products caused her to question the need for such harsh chemicals to provide gentle treatments to sensitive skin, which lead to Certificate ll in Aromatherapy. Another course which introduced fruit and herbal extracts into Cathy’s products continued to fire her imagination and helped her list of merchandise grow

While continuing to work as a Podiatrist and Laser Therapist, Cathy took up making skin cream products as a hobby and has been able to help numerous people who attend her practice with conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and other conditions requiring creams with no harmful chemicals. Beautiful soft and beautifully perfumed products to beautify, moisturise, feed, and just make you feel simply pampered, she has named this range, Skin Manna.

Now with the help of Valerie the beauty therapist and assistant podiatrists, Hannah and Alison, the tradition continues..

So, for a caring and wonderful podiatry and beauty treatments which help make actual changes, call us and book in for an appointment.

Recent Training:

  1. New skin care range, ASPECTS, medical strength peels and products for aging, acne, sun damage, pigmentation. Enhances Gernétic, IPL and Laser Therapy.
  2. Acupuncture for treatment of foot conditions
  3. Mobilisation of foot joints can improve pain from head to toe
  4. Trigger point needling
  5. Prolotherapy for strengthening tendons and ligaments
  6. USANA top quality nutritional supplements for those with degenerative disease including arthritis and heart disease and those who are wanting optimal health
  7. Naturopathic advice and RESET weight management

For more information please call Cathy on 0413 051 782